Welcome to CBN!

Here at Circle Business Network, our goal is to make you a smarter business person. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 business or you are a sole proprietor, you need to understand your company and its industry from every angle. You’re either wearing all the hats or you’re talking to the people who wear all the other hats – and you need to understand their role.

To understand how membership might benefit you, read these thoughts below from our President, Andrew Lee

Welcome fellow networker!


So many networking groups, so much choice, it would be easy to ask "where do I start?" but the more important question is "where do i feel at home?" I've been involved in many networking groups each with a different intention but CBN is the only group I've attended consistently over the last twenty years.  Why? Because I believe that life-long-learning is vital to personal success; CBN's speakers and discussions inform my decision making as a leader and help me have something insightful to ask someone when I first meet them, regardless of their industry.  Also, when you need advice you want to get it from a source you can trust.  CBN members provide answers to each other, and refer each other on a regular basis and we hold each other accountable for the quality of the advice and the outcomes.

Please visit us, details are below and if you have questions beforehand, please email andrewilee@sbcglobal.net or call 317 966 6920.  

I hope to see you soon.

Andrew Lee, President

Circle Business Network

CBN at a Glance


We have weekly meetings on Thursdays from 8:30  AM to 9:30 AM via Zoom.

There are various meeting formats such as member speakersguest speakersgroup discussion or networking, and weekly updates on goals & challenges.

Attendance is not required and there are no lead quotas. Our membership is exclusive by industry segment, applied with common sense. 

A History


Circle Business Network has operated for more than 36 years. Founded as the antidote to some of the more hardcore networking groups that emerged in the 1980’s, CBN is based on relationships and the sharing of knowledge rather than on passing of leads and business cards.


Founded by Art Robinson and Maria Giannakos in 1982, the group was taken over by Andrew Lee nineteen years later. In addition to Art, key influencers include Rhoda Israelov (36 plus years membership), Michael Rian (25 plus years 



The philosophy and purpose behind CBN participation is, through assisting others, we find the key to personal and business success.


Circle Business Network (CBN) meets weekly with these goals in mind:

  • Help participants and CBN members improve their business careers by building lasting business relationships

  • Improve our personal network and our networking skills

  • Assist others in our community. 


Thus the motto "What Goes Around, Comes Around!"