About Us

The philosophy and purpose behind the Circle Business Network is to share.  We assist others and through this we learn the key to personal and business success – giving back. CBN meets weekly with these goals in mind:

  • To help participants and CBN members improve their business careers by building lasting business relationships;

  • To improve our personal networks by helping others improve their’s

  • To improve our speaking and networking skills; and

  • To assist others in our community.


The Circle Business Network was formed in the '80s as a response to the growing need for business networking in Indianapolis.


Over the years, our members have been self-employed, sales professional, business development experts, non-profit executives from a host of different industries.


All members have had an entrepreneurial spirit, an innate curiosity about the city, business, and people.

Our Motto

What goes around, comes around.

6 Reasons to Join the Circle Business Network (CBN)

  1. The Circle Business Network provides a gateway to open new markets and obtain relationship-building and "warm" leads for your business;

  2. CBN provides its members with a weekly forum to consult with various experts in the following industries: Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Printing, Marketing, Real Estate, Non-Profit and other businesses;

  3. CBN gives its members the opportunity to assist other businesses in becoming successful;

  4. CBN provides personal and professional growth by offering seminars on broad subjects such as networking, time management, financial planning and many others;

  5. CBN presents several annual social events to enable its members to meet on an informal basis away from the traditional business setting; and

  6. CBN helps improve member's speaking and presentation skills through weekly networking exercises and business showcases.

As a member of CBN, you are ultimately responsible for the network's success. We can provide the format and programs to make this group incredibly powerful, but without your active participation, we cannot help you and your business reach its potential.

Interested? Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.